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CPE Description


1. Annual CPE credits are required to be assigned to USA Gymnastics
sanctioned events and to test up to the next level.

2. Accreditation year is August 1 – July 31. Annual CPE form is Due to your
state CPE coordinator on May 31. Whatever rating you hold on August 1st
is the number of credits you must achieve.

3. CPE credits will be calculated in actual clock hours.

4. Clinic CPE credits will be defined as hours spent at a State, Regional, or Nationally organized event such as Congresses, Clinics, Courses, or Symposiums. These events must be publicized in advance and open to all judges in the state, region, or nation as applicable to the event (Exception: eligibility requirement must be met for judges’ courses.) USA Gymnastics University will develop CPE certificates to be issued at the conclusion of an (clinically) approved session by the Clinician or organizational personnel.

5. Clinical Activities will be designated as “Approved for CPE” by the following:

-National- USA Gymnastics National Office

-Regional- USA Gymnastics Regional Technical Committee Chairman (or designee)

-State- USA Gymnastics Regional Technical Committee Chairman (or designee)

Those wishing to have a clinic approved for CPE simply need to email their respective Regional Technical Chairman with the date and topic(s) of the clinic(s), anticipated attendance, and name(s) of the clinician(s). The Regional Technical Chairman or their designee will send or bring the appropriate number of CPE certificates to the event.

6. A maximum number of CPE hours may be acquired for the following miscellaneous activities:

➢ Coaching (6 hours); to be signed by supervisor or club owner

➢ In gym (6 hours); observation, critiquing/consulting with coaches and gymnasts is to be signed by the coach

➢ Volunteering (4 hours) at a judging related activity is to be signed by the event coordinator. Two of these four hours can come from service as a USA Gymnastics or NAWGJ Board member.

➢ Video or live practice judging (3 hours); at a level equal to or higher than your current rating is to be signed by the supervising judge. Practice judging will require pre-approval you’re your USA Gymnastics State Chairman or NAWGJ State Judging Director. For pre-approval, simply send an email to the appropriate officer requesting permission. Please note that live Practice Judging will also require pre-approval from the Meet Director. This is done by contacting the Meet Referee for the event and not by contacting the Meet Director directly. The practice judge should come prepared with all judging materials and wear the appropriate judging uniform. Video Practice Judging will be recorded in hours and requires written verification from the supervising judge.

Miscellaneous CPE activities are to be recorded on the Miscellaneous CPE Form, which can be found on-line at USAG and Iowa NAWGJ

Annual Required CPE hours are as follows:

Highest Rating Held

Total CPE hours needed

Minimum # of Clinic

Max. # CLINIC carryover

Level 4/5

12 hours

6 hours

2 hours

Level 6/7/8

12 hours

6 hours

2 hours

Level 9

16 hours

8 hours

3 hours

Level 10

20 hours

10 hours

4 hours


20 hours

10 hours

4 hours


20 hours

10 hours

4 hours

The accreditation year is August 1-July 31. Credits earned during the months of June and July may be used for the current or upcoming accreditation year.

• The rating a judge holds on August 1 of each year determines the number of CPE hours required for that accreditation year. Entry level judges attaining their rating after the start of the accreditation year (Aug.1st) are not required to report CPE hours until the following accreditation year. All CPE hours accumulated during that time may be used to fulfill the CPE requirements.

• The Annual CPE Record form should be sent to your state CPE coordinator by May 31st. Only the annual form no other paperwork that shows attendance at the clinics and/or misc. events. Those should be filed at home in case of an audit of your records by USAG.