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MR Duties Before the Meet

Meet Referee Duties~you get to the meet:

First: SJD will send out an email to the Meet Referee and Meet Director containing this information:

  • That the SJD has sent out contracts
  • Who their meet referee is for the meet
  • How many maximum hotel rooms to expect for the judges
  • To let the judges know the meet schedule and hotel information
  • Hospitality information
  • R & P changes

Second: You should send out an email: (might need more then one email)

Information provided by Meet Referee:

  • Report time to the meet (after you get the schedule)
  • Make sure and check “MEET DETAILS’ on GymJas for updated assignments
  • Name, phone number and address of the hotel if not sent by MD
  • Assign hotel roommates (make assignments or ask preferences)
    • There is not a spot on the GymJas to put this information. My suggestions are to either ask the judges who need rooms or make assignments and then have them contact you if they don’t need a room.
    • Make room assignments on your best judgment or ask them whom they want to room with…
  • Meals that will be provided or not provided if not sent by MD
  • Any shifts in event assignments because of affiliation and/or ratings
    • Also if the schedule has level 3 on Saturday and Sundays and it involves team awards you have stay on the Saturday event for that session then move to the Sunday event on the other levels.
    • OR you can tell them on levels 3 and 4 you’re on Saturday events and level 5 you are on Sunday’s events…. (Or however it works with the schedule)
    • Some affiliated judges maybe higher rated then the CJ (R&P pg. 31)
      • If the club with which the judge is affiliated is not participating in the meet to which the judge has been assigned, he/she is NOT considered affiliated at that meet.
      • 1) If the meet format has separate team and individual awards per session, then a judge would be affiliated only during the session(s) in which the club/team that he/she is affiliated with is competing.
      • 2) If there is an overall team award for the same levels at the end of the entire meet, the affiliation rules apply for the entire competition.
      • When designating the Chief Judge positions for sanctioned competitions, rating and longevity do not necessarily determine assignment as Chief Judge. But there is a minimum rating required at all levels. (Refer to chart pg. 35-36)

Third, Be prepared

  • Have the rules and policies with you at the meet in some form.

Lastly, send me an email of any problems that occurred after the meet.


Before You Get to the Meet….