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USA Gymnastics Recommended Judges Meeting Agenda

All sanctioned meets must include a Judges Meeting during the 30 minutes prior to competition. The Meet Referee assigned to the competition has duties to perform before the meeting begins. Bring a list of all judges assigned with contact information. Bring all pertinent rules.

  • Upon arrival, introduce yourself to the meet host and
  • Check equipment, judges seating and tables
  • Confirm the meet format and how warm ups and competition works
  • Meet with the score table personnel to determine the entering of scores/paper trail and draw
  • If this is an “In gym” meet, check the landing of vaulting to see if it’s a loose foam covered pit and approve
  • Confirm with the MD the march in times, break times and ending times and review any fee structure questions
  • Review the inquiry process – They come to the MR for approval before going to the panel
  • Meet with timers/line judges/input personnel when they arrive
  • Attend the coaches meeting when possible
  • Check to see if vault numbers are being flashed and post appropriate chart

Have a roll call of judges with introductions

  • Cover all items above from the MD and site
  • Review the meet format, warm ups and break time allowed (cannot leave the meet site if you are on the clock)
  • Talk about inquiries, conferences and communication on the field of play
  • Remind judges, no electronic equipment to be used unless for reference material (code, R&P, etc)
  • Discuss the level(s) you are judging today and have each panel discuss their event for that session including SR, unusual skills, general procedures
  • Go over any element evaluations, music approval forms or equipment
  • Remind CJ’s to check with their helpers on time/line/input
  • Be at your event for march in. Notify the CJ if you leave for the restroom.
  • Remind all judges to stay at their event until the last score has gone in for the session.
  • If a state meet or above, review video review procedures
  • Collect pay vouchers from judges with Mapquest (paper copy) of mileage
  • Check and Turn in pay forms to meet director to have checks ready by the end of the Day
  • Have everyone sign the sanction and indicate any violations
  • Remain 5 minutes after the meet to check for missing scores or questions with MD

USAG Judges Meeting Agenda