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How to Get Started

COLLEGE JUDGING…..Getting Started

Before you start:

  1. Do the research:
    1. Observe a couple college meets to see if it is something you want to do
    2. Talk to judges who judge NCAA meets for feedback
    3. Check out the NCAA Rules Modifications for changes/additions to the USAG JO Level 10 Rules. These are available on the Iowa NAWGJ and National NAWGJ websites.
  2. Take a look at the NCAA Compensation Guidelines to see how they compare to the USAG Fee Structure
  3. It would be a good idea to judge some college routines based on college modifications, in person if possible. Videos can be found on the National NAWGJ website.

When you are ready:

  1. Before entering your profile in JAS, fill out the New NCAA Judges Information Form .  Email to this form to the National Assigner (address at the bottom of the form).
  2. Download the Collegiate Judges Assigning System Guide.  
  3. Visit the website: roadtonationals.com/jas
  4. You will need to set up a user name and password. Be sure to remember or write down your password as assigners do not have access to your password.
  5. Once you are in the system, the Collegiate Judges Assigning System Guide will give you step by step guidance to enter your information in the system.
  6. You will have 1 month beginning the end of August, to set up your information and enter your availability. Be sure to update your availability as it changes.
  7. Then the National Assigners will begin to assign judges as requested by the universities, usually by October 1. In general local meets are assigned first and then out-of-area meets. When you get an assignment, you will receive an email telling you to go to the JAS website to get the details and to Accept or Decline the meet. The JAS Guide will take you through those steps.
  8. Once you accept, the university will contact you, and a contract will be sent.  If you decline a meet, you will not be able to judge any other college meets that weekend.

What’s Next:

  1. Take the College Judging Test. It will be available mid-November on the JAS website. You have one month to complete it and achieve 80%.
  2. College video routines will be available with scores to practice. You will be asked if you did this in your preparation for each meet.
  3. Prepare for EACH meet.
  4. Practice and review rules.
  5. Make sure you have all the necessary meet and travel information. Most especially, important phone numbers and contact information. Travel delays occur frequently and you need to be able to contact meet officials to keep them informed.
  6. When you return from a meet be sure to fill out the self-evaluation form found on the JAS website. You may want to take a look at this evaluation before you go to your first meet so that you know what questions will be asked.
  7. Be sure to ask questions.  Your Iowa NAWGJ board can help.

IMPORTANT: Refrain from discussing scores, meet conversations etc. Do not post on social media regarding college judging matters. What happens at the meet should stay at the meet.